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How To: Use Wildcard Search Method

Using Wildcard Search Method. This Search allowing you to combine keywords with operators (or modifiers) such as AND, NOT and OR to further produce more relevant results.

You can use this search by:

Enter the text with operators - AND, OR, NOT in the search tab.

Select Wildcard from the Search Methods.

Click on Search to view results.

Using Search WILDCARDS – as shown below

Boolean operators AND, OR, NOT enter search strings with a boolean operator between them.

Keyword: Arbitration AND Commercial
Returns results that include both strings:
• International Commercial Arbitration
• Commercial Arbitration

Keyword: Commercial OR Arbitration
Returns results that include one or more strings:
• Arbitration Act
• Commercial document

Keyword: Murder NOT Knife
Returns results that include the first string but not the second string:
• alleged Murder weapon
• brutal Murder

Single character wildcard:? This will Return objects with one character in place of the question mark.
Keyword: Wom?n
Returns objects that include the following strings:
• Woman,
• Women

Multiple character wildcard: asterisk This will Return objects with zero or more characters in place of the asterisk.
Keyword: sig
Returns objects that include the following strings:
• design
• designer
• signal

Fuzzy search:~ This will Return objects containing strings that are either an exact match or are similar without being an absolute match. By default, up to 2 edits are allowed.
Keyword: lever~
Returns objects that include the following strings:
• clever
• lower
• seven
• letter

Wildcard Search

Updated on: 05/12/2019

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