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How to use Footnotes & Physical Page Numbers?

Footnotes & Physical Page Numbers

You will learn how to use Footnotes & Physical Page Numbers in the EBC Reader.

Footnotes in eBooks

Footnotes, as present in actual books are also present in the eBooks on the EBC Reader. It makes your research experience even better, you will find hyperlinked numbers embedded in between the text of the book, these refer to the footnotes.

On tapping the number you will reach the footnotes section where you will find more information on the topic, for example when a particular law was passed, when it was amended, SCC case-law reference and other relevant information.


Footnote Opened
To return back from the footnotes section to the previous page just tap on the footnote number and you will land back on the page you were reading, this works on iOS devices.

For Android, there is a small page that appears on the right side corner just tap on it to go back to the page.

The demonstration shown above is on an Android device.

Physical Page Numbers in eBooks

Page Numbers
EBC Reader comes with many advanced text features like the insertion of physical book page numbers within the eBook allowing you to cite the book in court or to look up the same page in the physical book.

Between the text you are reading, you will see a ‘book’ logo embedded in the text along with a page number in blue color. By this page number, you can directly open the same content in your actual book.
Physical Page Numbers in eBooks

Updated on: 13/07/2023

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