Power Clip

The Power clip feature allows a user to clip a specific notebook (User or Book note) for collecting all your research. Thus, a user can copy-to-note from different books, while using the same notebook for all his research. What’s more, this becomes even more powerful with our single-search feature, as you open different search results across different books. You can collect your research, using copy-to-note into one clipped notebook.

Image Showing Power Clip tool inside a notebook

To Clip a notebook click on Notes icon on the Home Screen.
Image showing Notes icon on Home screen

Click on view and select ALL USER or BOOK Notes option from the drop down menu.
Image Showing View ALL, USER or BOOK notes option

Image showing USER notes after selecting USER from view menu

Image showing BOOK notes after selecting BOOK from view menu

Click on the notebook (Notes) which you want to use for your research and click on the clip icon. A message will appear “This note is clipped. Now easily use the same notebook everywhere. To un-clip, please press the icon again.” It validates that you have successfully clipped the notebook.
Image showing a clipped notebook
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