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What is Power Clip Feature and how to use it on iOS/Android?

Power Clip Feature

To Clip a notebook tap on Notes icon on the Home Screen.

Image showing notes icon on Home Screen

Notes tab-

Image showing Notes tab selected

The Power clip feature allows a user to clip a specific notebook for collecting all your research. Thus, a user can copy-to-note from different books, while using the same notebook for all his research. What’s more, this becomes even more powerful with our single-search feature, as you open different search results across different books. You can collect your research, using copy-to-note into one clipped notebook.

Image showing Power Clip feature in a notebook

Tap on the Notes which you want to use for your research and tap on the clip icon. A message will appear “This note is clipped. Now easily use the same notebook everywhere. To un-clip, please press the icon again.” It validates that you have successfully clipped the notebook.

Image showing clipped notebook

Updated on: 21/07/2023

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