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Introduction to EBC Reader

The EBC Reader Platinum Edition gives you access to approximately 1100 volumes of eBooks, Bare Acts, Commentaries, Digests, and what not, at a fraction of the cost of maintaining a physical library. The EBC Reader Platinum Edition annual subscription will save you time, money, and the space of maintaining a big library. Avid readers are likely to collect a lot of books which in turn can be very expensive.

With EBC Reader your daily research work is not restricted to you being physically present in your office or in your library. In today's time, the need for portability and accessibility to information is paramount.

EBC Reader gives you access to :
Over 1100 volumes of top-quality legal information available with you 24X7X365.
The fastest way to access updated legal commentaries and recently updated bare acts, free of cost.
Preparing case briefs, making notes, reading books all on the go, whether you are in a flight, or lacking internet connectivity.

Updated on: 28/06/2023

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