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Introduction to EBC Reader Home Screen/Library in iOS/Android


EBC Reader Home Screen has the following options:-

EBC Reader Menu- On the home screen, click on EBC reader icon to Download, Activate, Search, Delete eBooks from My Library and Buy eBooks on EBC Webstore.

Activate– Activate your subscription using coupon with 16 digit activation code.

Search– Single Search Across Your Library, Notes & Annotations.

Find Books– To dynamically search for eBooks in your EBC Reader E library.

Notes- you can view on the home screen, all your saved notes by eBook.

Settings- It contains following options - Registration, Manage Note, Contact us, About EBC Reader and Force Sync.

Help option-(Only Android): Double tap on this to get help about EBC Reader tools.

Delete– To delete eBooks from the EBC Reader E library.

Updated on: 20/09/2019

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