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How to make Notes use Powerclip, Scribble, Sorting, searching of Notes & export Notes?

Make & Manage Your Notes Efficiently!

Learn how to make Notes use Powerclip, Scribble, Sorting, searching of Notes & export Notes.


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EBC Reader allows you to make Notes, which is a very handy tool as it enables you to save your research.
These are divided in two types 'User Notes' & 'Book Notes'. Both of them have been explained below in detail.

Book Notes

'Book Notes' are Notes created by the user of a single eBook while reading and researching.
To create a 'Book Note', choose the 'Copy to Note' option from the toolbox and select the desired text from the eBook and tap the ‘Copy to Notebook’ option displayed after selecting the text.

Book Notes

User Notes

'User Notes' are notebooks created by the user for case-related research. A 'User Note' has important text, copied in a Note by you while reading various eBooks in EBC Reader.

To create a 'User Note', go to Notes and tap on the 'User Notes' option. On the screen there will be a '+' sign for adding a new note just tap on that and a new note will be created.
User Notes


Powerclip Icon

The Powerclip feature allows a user to clip all his research together in a single note.

Tap on the notebook (Notes) which you want to use for your research and tap on the 'Powerclip' icon.

A message will appear that 'This note is clipped'.

Now you can continue your research and the same note will be used till the time you un-clip that Note.

To un-clip, press the icon again. It validates that you have successfully clipped the previous notebook.


Scribble With iPadOS

Scribble With iPadOS Icon

The EBC Reader works with the latest ‘Scribble’ feature with the iPadOS.

To use this feature all you need to do is write in any text field with the help of 'Apple Pencil' and it will automatically convert it to text. You can even Cut and Paste in the Notes.

Note-making will be so much easier, faster and so much fun.

Note: Be sure to head to the Apple Pencil settings to ensure Scribble is enabled.
Scribble With iPadOS

Notes Sorting Recent

Notes Sorting Recent
On the Notes screen just tap on 'Notes' located on the top right corner of the screen.

There is a Notes drop-down menu you just need to tap on it and select 'Recent' (first option) to sort it.

Sorting Recent

Updated on: 23/10/2020

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