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What are Annotations? And how to make them on Web edition?

What are Annotations/My Book Notes and how to make them on Web Edition

What are Annotations?

You can view your highlighted or underlined words or phrases in an eBook that are displayed in a list within the Annotation pane.

Annotations helps you become more organized, letting you go back to phrases in an eBook that are important for your research, in just few clicks.

The Annotation pane contains all highlights and underlines in an eBook, arranged sequentially by page position & page number and type (Highlight or Underline by Pen or Pencil tool).

Image showing Annotations pane- listing Highlighted and Underlined Text (by Pen/Pencil)

How to create Annotations?

You can select the Highlight or Underline Pen or Underline Pencil tool and select a word or entire phrase. All highlights and underlines of an eBook will automatically appear in Annotations Pane in the form of a list.

Image showing Highlighted Text

Image showing Underlined Text by Pen

Image showing Underlined Text by Pencil

Image showing Annotation Pane list

Erase Tool– to remove Highlighted or Underlined Text (by Pen/Pencil) just click on the Erase tool and click on the highlighted or Underlined text in an eBook.

Image showing Erase Tool and Highlighted and Underlined Text

Image showing Highlight removed from text using Erase Tool

Note: Annotations/My Book Notes are separate for every eBook.

Updated on: 13/07/2023

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