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How To: Read EBC Reader eBook Bareacts on IOS/Android?

EBC Reader eBook Bareacts

The new EBC Reader eBook Bareacts & Rules come with complete legislative history, attractive cover and added features.

Every EBC eBook Bare Act comes with the list of Amending Acts, which are included wherever necessary. The history of amendments are also given in the footnotes including the pre-amendment position of the Bare Act, State and High Court amendments are included wherever available and rulings have been reproduced as published in SCC.

eBook Bareacts Features

Neat & Efficient Table of Contents

The table of contents for each title cleverly divides the eBook Bareact into neat sections. You can easily go to any section of the eBook i.e. Cover Page, Title Page, Tile Page Verso, Short Contents, or any topic under Table of Contents by just a tap.
Accessing Table of Contents on iPhone
Accessing Table of Contents on Android Phone

Cross Linking with SCC Online

Judgements referred to, are cross linked with our SCC Online platform, making it easy to open up cited cases from within your e-book. A first for any e-Book Reader, this makes it extremely quick and convenient to look up cases cited within the eBook Bareact saving you tremendous time and effort.

Section Linking

There are sections within a Bareact which can very easily be searched and referred within an eBook.
These sections are also interlinked and listed in ascending order, making it extremely quick and convenient for anyone to move between sections of your Bareact.

You can search for any Bareact within the Library by simply tapping on the Menu icon and tap on Search and type in the box. As you type the title name its gets dynamically sorted and displayed in the Library.
Further, since Bareacts can have several related acts and rules mentioned on the covers of the Bareacts, you can search the entire list of over 745+ acts and rules mentioned either in the names of the acts or mentioned on the covers of the Bareact. Further, the Bareacts are also searchable by subject.


Annotations contains all the highlights and underlines in an eBook, displayed by type (Highlight or Underline by Pen or Pencil tool) and arranged by page position and page number.
You can refer back, to the important phrases for your research, in a book. So you have all your highlighted or underlined text available at one place.

Copy To Note

You can choose “Copy to Note“ tool from the toolbox and select the desired text from the eBook and tap the ‘Copy to Notebook’ option displayed after selecting the text, this will appear under My Annotations and in the Notebook. You can use this feature to make notes of the Highlighted or Underlined text for your legal research or study while reading a book.


The Notes can be shared via email or on Facebook, Twitter, Ever-note and can even be printed on paper.
You can export your book notes by tapping to export icon and select the desired option.

Multi Device Availability

EBC Reader eBook Bareacts are available on your Phone and Tablet.
The eBook Bareacts can be accessed from your Android or iOS mobile devices anywhere 24×7.

Updated on: 11/07/2023

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