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How To: Read The Practical Lawyer Digital Edition on EBC Reader iOS/Android?

The Practical Lawyer Digital Edition

The Practical Lawyer-Digital Edition, delivered in electronic form, is formatted identically to the print version.

The digital edition is a complete guide to legal news, happenings, legal articles, important judgments and updates with added features of easy scrolling, searching and bookmarking, thereby saving your time and energy.

After you subscribe to the Practical Lawyer Digital Edition you can read your Digital Practical Lawyer on EBC Reader Application which can be downloaded free of cost from Apple App Store or Play Store and is compatible with all Apple and Android phones or tablets.

Features of The Practical Lawyer Digital Edition

You can search for any text within the Practical Lawyer digital edition by a tap on Search icon and type the desired text in the search bar. The result gives the number of occurrences in the eMagazine in a list. You can tap on the search result to reach the desired page of the eMagazine.
There are additional navigate icons in android version of the app which helps you reach the desired page text in the eMagazine.

Search Feature in The Practical Lawyer (on iPhone)
Search Feature in The Practical Lawyer (on Android Phone)

Easy Navigation
You can navigate easily to any page of the eMagazine in two ways. These are:-
Scroll the bar left or right present at the bottom of the screen.
Tap on Grid View icon to display the page preview in columns on the screen. Tap on the desired page to view.

Table of Contents
To view the Table of Contents of the Practical Lawyer just tap on the icon.
You can tap on a topic within the table of contents to navigate to the page where it is listed inside the eMagazine.
It is very convenient to read your desired topic and saves time your precious time and effort.

Animation showing how to navigate to Table of contents

You can mark important pages as you read, Practical Lawyer of a particular month, to revisit at a later time.
To bookmark a page you have to tap on the bookmark icon.
You can view all the bookmarks at one place, just tap on the grid view icon and tap on bookmark menu icon. All the bookmarks saved by you of that edition will be displayed.
Bookmark feature helps you to save your important research in a systematic manner. This feature is currently available in iOS devices.

Updated on: 11/07/2023

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